UPS & Battery Maintenance

Schneider Electric Services specializes in UPS systems from 1 KVA to 1,000 KVA used as power system backup for a full range of computer and control systems, from small networks to large mainframes. We provide complete design, installation, construction, and start-up of UPS systems to meet your specific power needs.

With many years of experience, our personnel can custom design and install the most reliable UPS systems available today.  With a maintenance agreement, you can be sure of your system's integrity and that it continues to meet your needs long after installation.

Our comprehensive UPS maintenance programs, custom designed for your specific power systems, help prevent costly, unscheduled downtime of critical equipment through early detection of potential component failure. We provide:

  • Emergency Services 24 Hours a Day
  • Load Testing of Systems and Batteries
  • Annual, Semiannual or Quarterly Inspection, depending on your specific needs
  • Battery Installation and Inspection
  • Removal of Old UPS Systems
  • Complete Installation of New UPS Systems
Our trained technicians regularly test your UPS systems' safety functions, control functions, batteries and connections to ensure proper operation.  This also includes load testing and determining the backup time available on your batteries. Spare parts recommendations also are made to reduce downtime should a failure occur. Time and material services are available for customers who do not have a full maintenance contract.


Services Available
  • UPS Systems PWM & Ferroresonant Type
  • Rectifier Charger Systems
  • Static Inverters
  • Digital Static Transfer Switch Systems
  • Power Distribution Unit
  • Performance Testing and Analysis
  • Start Up & Commissioning
  • UPS & Battery Preventative Maintenance
  • UPS Repair & Calibration
  • UPS Refurbishment Program
  • Service of Industrial & Commercial UPS
  • Single & Three Phase UPS
  • Onsite or in Shop Service & Testing
  • AC Load Bank Testing
  • UPS Sales New & Used
  • UPS Rentals
  • Battery Sales & Service
  • Battery Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Battery Systems Installation, Wet Filled and Sealed VRLA
  • Battery Racks & Containment systems
  • Battery Monitoring Systems
  • Battery Capacity Testing per IEEE-450 Standard
  • Temporary Battery Rentals
  • Power Quality Analysis, Harmonics Measurements
  • Parts Sales New & Used, Hard to find Obsolete Parts
  • 24 /7 Support
  • Factory Trained Personnel