Powersub Vacuum Circuit Breaker Type FVR

Increase safety in outdoor distribution circuit breakers by using arc-resistant enclosures
Powersub Vacuum Circuit Breakers, type FVR, take safety to the “next level” in outdoor distribution circuit breakers by using arc-resistant enclosures. These durable circuit breakers provide increased safety for personnel working in the vicinity of a breaker enclosure by ensuring that the effects of an arc that may occur are controlled. Increasing safety is only one benefit of Powersub medium voltage circuit breakers; they are also durable, flexible and easy to maintain.

When an arc occurs inside a circuit breaker enclosure, it causes a sudden, large rise in pressure. The design of the FVR enclosure ensures that high pressures will be vented upward, and all exterior panels will remain intact and in place on the enclosure. When using arc-resistant enclosures, it is still necessary to follow normal personnel safety procedures.

Features and Benefits:

  • Arc-resistant construction (except at 3000A rating) – Rated 40kA in accordance with EEMAC and IEC standards for Type B enclosures
  • Compliance to ANSI standards – designed and tested to comply with or exceed ANSI standards C37.04, .06 and .09 for outdoor oil-less circuit breakers
  • High-speed operation – interrupting time of 3 cycles due to reduced contact travel and high dielectric strength
  • Long life – hermetically sealed vacuum interrupters to protect contacts from corroding elements and contamination
  • Ease of maintenance – interrupter assemblies and contact were indicators are accessible via a bolted panel
  • Reliability – a minimum of moving parts on the motor-driven, spring-charged Type RI mechanism
  • Durability – proven porcelain apparatus roof bushings
  • Flexibility – standard adjustable heights and optional stainless steel roofs