Power System Design and Upgrades

Schneider Electric Engineering Services can meet your requirements for the most challenging design and upgrade projects. We serve customers in every industry segment — from data centers to steel mills. Projects can be customized from basic design consultation to feasibility studies to a complete turnkey solution. Our capabilities include:

  • Substation Solutions  
  • Switchgear Modernization
  • Control and Protection System Upgrades
  • Generator Backup Design and Construction
  • Power Factor Correction and Filter Design
  • High Resistance Grounding Conversions

Strategically Located to Serve You Better
Schneider Electric has established regional engineering operations located strategically throughout the United States. These operations are staffed by professional engineers who are licensed in the local jurisdiction and have the full support and capabilities of Schneider Electric worldwide.
Having a power system engineer close by assures familiarity with authorities having jurisdiction, local codes and standards, utility systems and operations. Our engineers are collectively registered in every state.

Substation Solutions
Schneider Electric Engineering Services serves utilities and industrial facilities with industry-leading products and services. We have the resources to meet all aspects of your substation construction, remodeling, and/or expansion needs. Our dedicated design services team, staffed with professional engineers, has specialized expertise in all aspects of power equipment design and construction. By combining our design services with engineering analysis, we are able to provide you with a complete engineered solution. Our capabilities include design and construction services up to 345 kV:

  • Project management
  • Substation layout, elevation drawings, oil containment
  • Civil and structural
  • Equipment sizing and specification
  • Protection and control system design
  • Control house design
  • Conduit and trench design
  • Power factor correction and harmonic filter design
  • Grounding system design
  • Utility coordination and regulatory approval
  • Commissioning services
  • Turnkey installation
  • Substation service and repair

Switchgear Modernization and Upgrades
Modernization solutions from Schneider Electric will upgrade your existing switchgear or motor control centers to current technology. Our modernization and upgrade solutions are designed to minimize downtime, improve reliability, and extend the life of your equipment. Our detailed scope of work helps to ensure the optimum solution for your facility and includes:

  • On-site engineering assessment by a professional engineer
  • Assessment of the existing maintenance and repair practices
  • Evaluation of facility’s present and future requirements
  • Codes and standards compliance review
  • Selection of equipment and upgrade options
  • Bills of material, drawings, and specifications to facilitate procurement and installation
  • Start-up and commissioning services

Control and Protection System Upgrades
Our solutions to upgrade protective relaying and control systems are applicable to:

  • Switchgear with electromechanical relays
    • Digital microprocessor-based relays enhance functionality, simplify maintenance, and increase reliability
  • Synchronous motor control package
    • Turnkey replacement of the electromechanical control system (exciters, control system, protective relaying)
  • Arc flash reduction technologies
    • Includes addition of virtual main, light sensing relay technology, and zone selective interlock systems

As a turnkey offer, we take responsibility for the overall project including data collection, analysis, installation, and commissioning. The result is a well-designed and commissioned system that will deliver improved reliability and operational efficiency.

Generator Backup Design and Connection
Schneider Electric Engineering Services delivers turnkey generator connection solutions for both your normal and your emergency power systems. Generators are the most effective means of minimizing electrical downtime in your facility. Permanent generators enhance power system reliability and are required in healthcare and critical operation facilities. In addition, Schneider Electric designs and installs the necessary power system equipment to facilitate connection of temporary (trailer mounted) generators. Both new installation and upgrade solutions are available. Partner with us to maximize your return on investment.

Power Factor Correction and Filter Design  
Power quality correction equipment is typically justified on the basis of reducing power factor penalties charged by the utility. Our turnkey services include design engineering, procurement, and installation of power factor correction and harmonic filtering equipment from 480 V to 345 kV. Using power quality monitoring devices, our engineers will evaluate the harmonic and transient environment in your facility to ensure the equipment is properly sized and applied.

High Resistance Grounding (HRG) Conversions 
Used in facilities with continuous, uninterrupted power requirements, HRG power systems may allow non-stop operation during a ground fault. Facilities with ungrounded (delta) electric power systems often experience equipment damage, excessive voltage transients, and high maintenance costs associated with ground faults. Converting to HRG can alleviate the damage caused by ground faults. Our power system engineers will assess, design, and apply power system conversions using component-based or packaged HRG systems.