Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Response
With a nationwide network of 400+ qualified field service representatives, we will assess the situation to determine if your equipment can be repaired, reconditioned, or replaced. If the latter, we will work with our plants to get new equipment onsite as quickly as possible. Our services also include project management and turnkey capabilities.

Temporary Generator Connection
A temporary generator connection improves your electrical system’s reliability and is recommended where one of the following applies:

  • Local governing body requires portable generator connection provisions
  • The facility must continue operations and a temporary connection is acceptable to the governing entity.
  • A long-term disruption will jeopardize the business.

Emergency Action Plan 24/7
Having a detailed emergency recovery plan helps to restore power and normal operations as quickly as possible. In addition, it can limit the financial and personal havoc an unplanned outage can cause. Components include:

  • Having a current single-line drawing of the electrical distribution system
  • Identifying which electrical equipment is critical to the electrical infrastructure
  • Understanding which equipment must be replaced and that which can be reconditioned, if water damage has occurred