Twido Product Support

Get up and running quickly with the Twido® Support Program

To help you get the most out of this revolutionary product, Telemecanique Automation Services offers a comprehensive support package to help you get started quickly, and to provide ongoing access to the tools and resources you need to maintain your efficiency and to use the product most effectively.

Get started quickly, when you’re ready: A live, web-based one-on-one "getting started" training scheduled with a US-based Twido PLC expert.

Save time by not "re-inventing the wheel": 24/7 access to a product-specific web site providing application and programming examples, "getting started guides", tips and tricks, FAQs and a searchable knowledge base.

Take full advantage of enhancements when they become available: Optional email notifications of additions to the support tools on the Twido site, including software/firmware updates and patches, and additions to the Twido catalog.

Get individualized help when you need it: Up to 6 technical support cases, which you can use to diagnose problems quickly or get personalized technical advice for your Twido automation system from our US-based support engineers.*

Support cases can be initiated via email, web or phone. Support coverage within the terms of the contract include Monday through Friday, 8am to 8pm EST. Six support cases can be used within 6 months of contract initiation.

Twido Support Program

6 months, $495
Part: 771TWIDO06010
To buy now, call 1-888-266-8705, option 3