How to Order

  1. Choose a continuing support package: software, motion or legacy.



The software support package ensures that your call will be directed to an engineer with knowledge of your installed products.

Products covered:

  • Unity Pro
  • ProWORX 32, Nxt
  • Concept
  • PL7
  • Monitor Pro
  • Vijeo Look
  • OFS
  • Modbus Plus Driver Suite

Our support engineers understand the complexity of motion applications, from design layout to the commissioning and programming of axes. We believe you should be able to talk to a motion specialist when you need to.

Products covered:

  • Lexium and NUM Motors
  • Twinline and SERVO Motors
  • Premium Motion
  • Quantum Motion
  • Legacy Motion: Legacy Controllers, Cyberline Range, Gettys Motors, 3220, 3240, 410

Many customers continue to use our PLCs that are three decades old. Our legacy continuing support package provides easy access to order legacy spare parts and gives you access to engineers with decades of experience and the tools you need to answer your questions accurately and efficiently by either phone or Internet.

Products covered:

  • Modicon PLC & I/O 084,184, 384, 484, 584, 684, 884, 984, Micro
  • Telemecanique PLC & I/O TSX 47/67/87/107 TSX 17
  • Square D Symax PLC and I/O
  • AEG, A Series PLC and I/O
  • HMI Panelmate, Modvue, CCX
  1. Choose a level of service: bronze, silver, or gold (and add a PAL to silver or gold). >Details.
  2. Contact us, your local distributor or sales office with your package and level of service.

For ordering assistance, information, or to renew your priority support contract, call Telemecanique Automation and Control Services at 1-888-266-8705, option 3.