Modicon Advance Program

Your migration to the future for legacy Modicon PLCs and 984LL software

For 30 years, Schneider Electric Modicon PLCs have set the standard for reliability, quality and long-lasting performance. As systems age and components become obsolete, you are looking for cost-effective methods of preserving your hardware and programming investment while extending component life and improving your manufacturing process. To ensure that your systems perform optimally, we continue to support our installed base of Modicon customers with technical expertise, service and support – and a new PLC migration program.

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Key advantages

  • Enhanced connectivity through access to multiple network options
  • Reduced downtime and lower repair cost
  • Improved reliability of newer components
  • Warranty coverage

The Modicon Advance Program is a simple process to update your legacy systems based upon your specific needs and requirements, allowing you to select the right level of upgrade for your processors, software and I/O points. Three programs are offered.

Partial Migration

A single-step upgrade of your processor to a Modicon® Quantum™ PLC, while retaining your current ladder logic software.

Incremental Migration

A phased approach consisting of three simple steps to migrate your legacy platform to a new Modicon® Quantum processor, convert your current ladder logic software to IEC-based Unity software, and upgrade your I/O based upon whatever timeframe you choose.

Total Migration

A complete, single-step migration to a modern platform that consists of a Modicon® Quantum processor, IEC-based Unity software, and upgraded I/O. We can additionally provide custom service and support packages based upon your individual system needs and requirements, providing Legacy spares, maintenance programs and software training and support.